Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Polls Have Closed

The polls have closed. The results are rolling in. Senator John McCain has conceded and we have a new president elect, Barak Obama. The vote is going strongly Democrat and the Democrats are likely to hold a healthy majority in both houses of Congress. This is a huge repudiation of the policies of the current administration and a strong comment by the people of this nation on the adverse state of the economy and of our international policy. It provides hope that sometimes the people can see beyond the divisive strategies used by the Repulicans and can rise up for something different.

On the other hand, the very misleading advertising on the pro-proposition 8 campaign has, with a minority of districts reporting, been effective with proposition 8 in the lead, 54% to 46%. The news does not say which districts reported so far. Overall, the stance on proposition 8 has been heavily biased by district with rural districts being generally pro-prop. 8 and urban and city districts being generally against prop. 8. Overall, this one will probably not be decided until late into the night.

Of course, prosition or not, the bigotry will not stop overnight. The vitriol behind this proposition proves that discrimination is alive and well in Amercia, even in California. Still, there is hope to be found in the amazing degree of support for the gay and lesbian community shown by our political and corporate leaders in one of the most expensive proposition-related political campaigns in U.S. history. There is hope in the support shown by our youth voters and by our educated and professional classes. There is hope in the strong Democrat majority in the State and in Congress. There is hope in the growing awareness of gay and lesbian issues. This proposition will be a nail biter into the night but perhaps the real battle is being fought every day as we make people aware of the bigotry and injustice faced by gays and lesbians. Progress is slow and always hard won but I can atest that, even in my lifetime, attitudes have changed dramatically and proposition or not, that march towards equality will continue.

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