Thursday, November 06, 2008

Simply Splendid

Schomburkia spledida. These orchids come from Colombia and Ecuador in dry montane forests at around 2000-3000 feet. The flowers bloom out in huge balls of color with bright pink bracts and glossy, walnut colored sepals and petals and that bright lavender lip. The only downside is that they grow quite large and the flower spike is even larger, stretching up some 3-4 ft. They are pretty enough to be worth the wait!

Meanwhile, I'm getting back into the swing of the things. You know the drill, work, study, sleep, eat. Everyone at work is being quite supportive. After work, I went down to the no on 8 headquarters and it was kind of sad, seeing it empty and dark after all the hustle and bustle. I could become a campaign junkie, addicted to all the excitement and cool people that get together! A doggone shame that it takes such an evil proposition to get all those nice people to get together.

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MartininBroda said...

There are more colours than black and white and sometimes good consequences came from evil reasons, that’s this strange thing called live, but it’s good you’ve found a way to deal with your disappointment.