Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From Ashes and Twigs Come Hope

I'm a little tuckered out right now after the roller coaster of emotions associated with proposition 8. I really shouldn't be rolled around by these things anymore as the religious right has been throwing these propsitions at us for years without end. I ought to be numb by now but somehow it always hurts a bit knowing that there are strangers who would be so quick to judge us without having even met us. Of course, they don't deserve the satisfaction of causing us grief. They've caused enough mischief for one election year without us giving them any more benefit to their misdeeds.

The flower in this picture is from Mission Gorge Park. It signifies rebirth of hope out of the dry, seemingly lifeless twigs that the delicate flowers faithfully burst forth from each year. Life, you see, goes on and we are but a blink of an eye in the cosmos. Sometimes, it's best not to take ourselves and our politics too seriously. At least, not until the next battle, for it will surely come.


Steve's streaming thoughts said...

Nice blog :)

At first I was also really upset that prop 8 passed. Well more shocked then upset. I think that gay people are still viewed incorrectly, people view us as something to tolerate...I dont want people to tolerate me, im me accept me. If we viewed people of differant races that way, as something we tolerate would that not be considered raciest? In any case im over it now people in general are becoming more accepting, as the saying goes time heals all wounds.

Birdie said...

Don't give up, sweetie. This isn't over yet. This is simply the latest salvo in a fight worth fighting. I stand with you as best I can.