Sunday, November 02, 2008

Stenoglottis Blooming Faithfully

Stenoglottis (longifolia x fimbriata). Stenoglottis are terrestrial orchids from South Africa where they grow in humus or on mossy rocks at around 1300 meters. This one is a hybrid but looks very much like its parent, Stenoglottis longifolia. They are deciduous and loose their leaves each year causing a bit of worry only to pop back up shortly thereafter for the following year. The rest period in California is somewhat shorter, likely because I have them mixed in with the tropical epiphytes and the water doesn't cut off like it would in their native South African habitat. My plant has bloomed faithfully for years now, a present from a friend in the AOS judging system.

There are clouds and cold breezes today. It looks like rain. Perhaps it is a nice break after all the heat although the sun was indeed nice. Where was the rain yesterday when the out of state (and in-state) proposition 8 supporters were congregating in the stadium? I don't understand why people that oftentimes have never met an out gay or lesbian can be so vitriolic in their discrimination and hatred. Or, perhaps that is the precise problem. The gays and lesbians in their own families and among their own friends are suffering silently in hiding, allowing the bigots to go on believing that they don't know any of "those" gays and lesbians. Or, maybe, they, themselves, are deep in denial. Could it be?

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