Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not Over Until It's Over

The lead that Proposition 8 gained in the generally poorer, less educated, farming focused inland counties eroded last night. We're now at 52% for proposition 8 and 48% against proposition 8. They're still counting ballots from the richer, more educated coastal areas and mail in ballots. It seems unlikely to be enough to overcome two more percentage points but hope runs Eternal.

Still, if there is hope, it is in the overwhelming support of the legal profession, the teaching profession, actors and actresses, sports stars and other highly visible segments of the population. There is hope in the huge amounts of money we were able to raise in defense of our rights. There is hope in a new openness and activism of not just gays and lesbians but of substantial allies. There is hope in the resounding victories of Democrats in political office everywhere. The battle has just begun and the tide will reveal the truth, that discrimination is not right no matter what religious garb you dress it in.

If there is one big disappointment for me, it is the willingness of the Mormon and Catholic Church to throw millions of dollars at a battle to perpetuate discrimination at a time when our economy is in the trenches, at a time when there are far too many worthy people and families going hungry and unemployed, especially in those same poor uneducated areas that most supported Proposition 8. These people do not need messages of hate, they need food, jobs and education. I ask the Church where the mission of charity has gone and when it was replaced by one of hate and vindictiveness, by one of separation and the politics of self-justification. The Church has wandered from her mission of hope, service and salvation. Let us hope that she finds her way back before it is too late, lest final judgment find her sorely lacking.

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