Monday, October 13, 2008

Is Prop 8 about Kids?

I was reading a blog post where blogger-Jeff says that prop. 8 is about allowing children the right to choose heterosexual parents. Unfortunately, children generally don't choose their parents, particularly when they're products of a natural childbirth versus an adoption (where sometimtes they have a choice). However, if we look at what children get to choose we just end up with more questions such as: Can single people adopt children? Does a child have a right to parents that plan for his/her well being? Does a child have a right to parents of means that can support him/her? Does a child have a right to choose his/her own religion and not be forced into the religion of his/her parents? Overall, if we all truly cared about child welfare, there would be mandatory classes and certification required before people could have children. Most parents do the best they know how but we can do so much better. I have seen abused, neglected children and they have always been products of unhappy heterosexual marriages. In fact, studies suggest that kids with gay or lesbian parents are better adjusted and better cared for on the average, likely because gays and lesbians can't just have sex and have children (i.e., there are no accidents) but rather have to plan for them and truly want them.

Of course blogger Jeff is totally missing the point about proposition 8 and reasons for or against denying/allowing gay marriage. In adoptions, social services investigates and educates parents long and hard before they let them adopt to make sure they are qualified. Gay marriage doesn't miraculously let gays and lesbians adopt willy nilly. Gay marriage allows committed gay and lesbian couples access to civil rights and responsibilities such as hospital visitation, inheritance rights, joint filing of taxes and other secular rights and responsibilities. I suspect that gay marriage will encourage more responsible long term relationships and productive engagement in society by gays and lesbians. It will also, ironically, result in them being subject to the same marriage tax penalty which means they will pay more taxes into society. What's not to want (for the rest of society)?

Remember, Marriage is about committed couples living stable, productive lives together. Children are a product of some marriages but many couples choose to never have children. I suspect most gay couples will think long and hard before taking on such a great responsibility, especially considering the ongoing discrimination in American society against gay and lesbian couples.

Overall, I think gay marriage offers both fiscal and social benefits for society in the form of more stable, productive couples contributing taxes and resources. If you believe likewise, vote no on 8.

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Jen said...

Aren't these ads so stupid?? How many kids are out there with drug addict neglectful "tradional" parents? And what about couples with fetility problems, are they really married, or what if you just plain don't want kids, I guess your marriage doesn' count. I think these people are so stupid and closed minded. Kids need parents who love him, regardless of gender, love is what counts. Stupid stupid people.