Saturday, October 11, 2008

No on Prop 8

I try to keep the blog non-political, however, I'm making an exception just this once. While marriage may not be for everyone, the right to marry should be, as it provides significant state and federal rights and responsibilities such as visitation rights, inheritance and property rights and differing tax treatment (ironically a tax penalty but hey, if people want to pay more taxes...).

Apparently, the Mormon Church has been raising significant funds out of Utah and manning yes on 8 phone banks. The yes on 8 voters are pulling ahead in the polls, working to ban marriage for gays and lesbians through a California constitutional amendment. I saw one of these ads the other night where they claimed that kindergartens were going to be teaching kids about gay marriage; lets get serious here...nobody is teaching kindergarten kids about marriage (finger painting maybe...). Unfortunately, people believe these fabrications and the right wing machinery, through these and other fabrications, are stirring up conservatives in droves. They did it for Bush and now they're doing it for Proposition 8. How ironic that there happens to be a presidential election at the same time.

Perhaps it is just me but there is nothing more irritating than having a bunch of out-of-state ultra-conservatives throw a bunch of money, resources and lies at a campaign that affects the lives and rights of Californians. It's turned into a big media battle which means funds are required to keep the no on 8 campaign alive. There are no guarantees either way. However, if you're willing to help keep prop 8 out of the California constitution:

1. Please vote NO on Proposition 8
2. Donate if you can:

Apparently, the no on 8 campaign gets more of your donation if you call so, if you prefer, Equality CA can be reached at (415) 252-8132.

Much thanks and my apologies for the politics in our normally peaceful, loving blog...


MartininBroda said...

No reasons for apologies, your blog is still peaceful and loving, good luck in your battle; maybe you will find this interesting:

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

In September, I attended my first civil union ceremony. Now David and Robert consider themselves married, in all ways but legally.
And you know what, after their ceremony, the world went on. Heterosexual marriages did NOT fall apart. Churches didn't crumble, Christ didn't fall off the crucifix.
Keep fighting the fight out there working for No on Prop 8. Connecticut was a win; maybe it'll help things in CA too.