Monday, September 01, 2008

You Have To Love Stegosaurus

When I was a kid, I wanted to study dinosaurs in the worst sort of way. Unfortunately, growing up in Hawaii, there wasn't much in the way of fossils to be found and what little you found embedded in the lava was probably still alive in the ocean (and much prettier there I might add). Mind you that's not a bad thing but it was kind of the kiss of death for studying dinosaurs up close and personal. I ended up settling for little plastic dinosaurs and had little dino-wars, typically between Stegosaurus and T-Rex. Some things never change. I also managed to get a few fossil trilobytes and clams, encouraged by one of my elementary school teachers who had the tiniest trilobyte carefully wrapped up in cotton that she had brought back from the continental U.S. Lucky for me there was no EBay! I ended up spending more time with marine shells and fishes...and orchids. However, when I saw this Stegosaurus at the Field Museum, I had to snap a picture for old times sake.


The Hunky Gardener said...

We have a dinosaur themed town near the city I live in. It's in what we call, "the badlands" where lots of dinosaur bones have been found. There is a model of a dinosaur on every street corner! The town is a bit gimmicky but the museum is great and you can go out on a dinosaur bone hunt with a paleontologist.

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

I'm in! Uhm, if I find the dino, do I get to keep it? Heheh... I'm guessing it ends up in the museum rather than on my mantle. Mantle's full anyhow I suppose.

There was a lake in Utah where there were a bunch of fossil fish that you split out of the old lake bed and you mostly got to keep the fish...and I found clams and little inverts in the shale in West Virginia. Still, a real dinosaur would be fun!