Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turtle Days of Autumn

Green Sea Turtle. Oahu, Hawaii. I found this guy swimming around the reef at Hanauma Bay, Hawaii last Christmas. He was being quite sociable, hanging around the reef with the tourists, to graze on the algae along the coral heads. Some turtle poetry just for fun (yes, no class tomorrow).

  • Everybody loves a turtle,

  • Graceful and gentle,

  • Gliding through the ocean,

  • Grazing on the reef,

  • When I see you surfing,

  • In the wave beside me,

  • My heart sings dear turtle,

  • Faithful, gentle friend.

1 comment:

MartininBroda said...

I was a little bit evil I’ve answered your kind (German) comment on my blog in German. But it was without any mistakes, so maybe…


I hope the day without class was fine; your turtle poetry is of course fine. So we are looking for the next excitement.