Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will the Real Anacheilium Please Stand Up!

Anacheilium bulbosum. These hail from Southeastern Brazil and grow on trees and rocks at 3000-4000 ft. This was sold to me as Anacheilium allemanii which, after a little digging, I discovered it looks nothing like. It did, however, look very much like Anacheilium bulbosum so here we are. It smells kind of like licorice. Cool huh? The Anacheiliums were split off as a separate genus from the genus Encyclia and characteristically have these really nifty upside down flowers (non-resupinate or lip up). Are orchid people weird or is it just me? Heheh...(sheepish grin)

1 comment:

MartininBroda said...

Hard to say from a distance :-)

But seriously, I must say it is very valuable if someone spend passion, imagination and diligence on a certain aspect of the beauty of nature.