Sunday, November 08, 2009

Persimmon Season!

Fresh Fuyu Persimmons! It's persimmon season again! I've acquired a taste for these uber-sweet fruit in the last few years, probably because they grow well in Southern California. While my little tree has yet to bear fruit (maybe in a year or two), they show up in the local Mexican grocery store for a measly 79 cents a pound (really cheap!). I have these set out to ripen as persimmons are a) a bit puckerish; and b) not good for you if you eat them green. Apparently, some persimmons have significant amounts of tannin in them that can coagulate into a mass if eaten green. The FuYu Persimmon is relatively low in tannin and is a little firmer than it's cousin, the Hachiya, which requires thorough ripening and tends to be really squishy by the time it is ready for eating. The wild persimmons native to North America also tend to have high levels on tannins if eaten green and are not generally recommended. To learn more about persimmons, click here.

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