Monday, November 30, 2009

Cattleya amesthystoglass, my greenhouse. This is a polyploid variety of amesthystoglossa. At least, the parents were counted tetraploids. You can see the ploidy difference in the incredible thickness of the flowers and the added width of the segments. You can see a normal amesthystoglossa at As to which is actually prettier or whether we should be tampering with the genetics of nature, that's a personal thing. However, man's been tampering with genetics for as long as civilation has existed. Ironically, that's how we created those cute, cuddly little dogs and cats and those uber-huge cows, turkeys and chickens. It's also how we created disease resistent and more productive strains of wheat, corn and potatos. In recent years, man's become a bit more efficient and creative about genetics which raises some ethical issues. A mixed bag, I suspect, but most things are.

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