Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blue Moss

Cattleya mossiae variety coerulea. Cattleya mossiae is native to Venezuela where it is found growing high up in the forest canopy at around 3000-5000 ft. It is fairly tolerant of cool weather and is a spring bloomer. It has been widely used in hybridizing for the large, ruffly Cattleyas used for corsages back in the 70s that are still used for formal affairs such as weddings.

This plant is a rare 'blue' color variant, hence the variety coerulea. Blues tend to be one of the rarest color variants because they often do not breed true, even when selfed. Albinos or 'Albas', on the other hand, typically breed true when selfed but may breed normal colors when outcrossed, depending on whether the same gene loci is affected in both parents.

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