Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mammillaria species in the Morning Sun

Mammillaria species, San Diego, CA. You've probably figured out that I like the genus Mammillaria. It gives those beautiful halos of flowers in all sorts of shades. This one has white flowers with an adorable peachy-pink stripe down the mid-rib of each petal! I tried in vain to identify the species. Peachy-pink is not the most common color (that being a bring lavender) among Mammillaria species. I eventually gave up as Mammillaria is a large genera and, after going through some 500 or so pictures, I was all spined and flowered out. There were a few close ones but somehow the spine pattern and/or flower color never quite matched. Hahah, maybe it's a new species (waywardhawaiianii), chuckle! Anyhow, this one is destined to remain Mammillaria species for now...unless some good reader wants to volunteer an ID (hint, hint)!!

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