Monday, April 20, 2009

Addicted to Texture and Color

Mammillaria species. Yet another Mammillaria species blooming on the patio. Do you suspect that I like these Cacti! They just bloom and bloom and bloom and are easy to grow. No complaints here! Plus they have all kinds of cool colors and textures, especially if you get up close. This one has really nifty fish hook like spines with all sorts of little grey soft spines. How awesome is that?

Meanwhile, it has been HOT here. I think we came close to 100F today (high nineties). This is still April! What is with the weather? The extremes seem to keep getting more extreme. Plus they are talking water rationing. My poor Swiss Chard went droopy on me (big wilty mess). I think I'm going to have to harvest before the heat kills it all. I suppose, with the water rationing, it's a good time to be into cactus, huh? Now about those orchids...sigh...

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MartininBroda said...

J. Chr. that’s more or less 37°C (too much fever for my taste and may be too much for your kelp lover), spring here is still nice and a little cold at night, right now 5°C.