Saturday, April 11, 2009

California Bluebells

Phacelia campanularia, California Bluebells, Lake Poway. There are about 100 species of Phacelia in California. This one was probably named for its similarity to Campanula (and yes, we have wild Campanula as well!). Of all those Phacelia, Phacelia campanularia has got to be one of the prettiest with its rich blue flowers. There are not all that many blue flowers in nature and fewer still that are a deep, velety blue! These were all over the path around the Lake and made for quite an enjoyable walk. Of course, I stoped at every other clump to take a few pictures which, after a few stops, ended up with my fellow walkers just moving on while I snapped pictures. Thus, I ended up with a bit of jogging as well to catch up after each set a pictures. More exercise than I had anticipated but that's not all bad. It is a bit of pressure on taking your shots though.

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