Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sago Palm Trio

Sago Palm, Cycas revoluta. This is one of the most popularly cultivated of all the cycads and perhaps the most affordable. They grow slowly but steadily and are quite hardy in warmer regions. They are also salt tolerant and originate from Japan. Rumor has it that Cycads date back to the time of the dinosaurs! One more thing: they're toxic so keep the pets and kids away from nibbling on them.

Of all the Sago Palms (or any Cycad for that reason) I've seen, I've never seen one with a branching trunk, little less three trunks! This was another cool plant at Tropic World but way out of my budget! It was listed (if I recall right) somewhere around $30,000 U.S.! Wow. Whatever the price, I definitely recall that it was nowhere near in my budget. Cool though. Maybe cooler than cool.

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compost in my shoe said...

cool sago! ours never get that much trunk