Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Le Chien

Gizmo the Dog. I was looking for a picture I didn't need to research so I could run off to study my copyright law and, voila, we have Gizmo the dog. A couple of weeks ago, I claimed Gizmo at the pound with no name, no age and a hankering for attention. Since then it's been a bit of turmoil in the house. The biggest thing is potty training. He's figured out that outside is preferred but still thinks rugs are fair game on occasion. Not too bad on chewing (no serious furniture issues) but toys and magazines are at risk (to say the least). Also, no more walking in the dark (especially near rugs). Dog fur everywhere... I can't imagine how hard a newborn child would be! Still, dogs are so loving and, with those big eyes and the little wagging tail, somehow everything gets forgiven. I'd thought I'd end up with something bigger but hey, it is what it is.


Birdie said...

Whoa! What a cutiepie! How many pounds? Do you talk to him with your lips pursed, talking baby talk? I know you do; we all do.

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Oh I'm not admitting to baby talk with anyone!

Java said...

Hey, here on Birdie's recommendation.
Love the cute little doggie!! Gizmo is a good name.

As for newborn babies, they tend to shed less than dogs. That's the only advantage I can think of offhand. (says the mother of 4 children)