Monday, March 02, 2009

Mexican Ceramic Masks

Here's a picture of matching Mexican his & her ceramic masks in a Sun theme. The Sun theme is common in mexican pottery as are the floral decorations. They are nearly always bright, cheerful and intricate in design. Ironically, when I looked at these two masks for sale at Tropic World, I immediately decided they were male and female. Yet, it required a lot of staring to pick out the features that caused me to jump to those possibly unfounded conclusions. My guess is the lips are the number one culprit and the eyes are #2. Odd thing that. They are so abstract, it's curious that you would be able to tie them to any gender at all but yet, there is just enough detail to connote gender. Totally fascinating. Even more fascinating that it all happens at a devious subconscious level. Do you suppose it would still work if you saw them separately?

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