Monday, March 23, 2009

Mammillaria species or Woolly Wonder!

Mammillaria species. Possibly Mammillaria bombycina or something closely related. I love Mammillaria species. Most have this wonderful halo of flowers, as if they were a garland around a maiden's head. It is a particularly large genus with many different species and most that I find for sale are unnamed or at best say Mammillaria species. Still they're wonderful and, if you want to bad enough, you can probably look them up, especially if yours is in bloom. Also, mine seem to bloom easily and regularly in our San Diego climate, being a regular crowd pleaser. I also really enjoy the wonderful symetrical patterns that the spines make providing great texture for photographs.

If you're a cactus guy and you know what species this is, send me a line. I have a few more mystery cacti to post just for fun. We'll see what people come up with.

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