Sunday, February 01, 2009


White Spotted Puffer, Carthigastor jactator. This is one of the smallest puffers (and cutest) puffers in the Hawaiian isles, attaining maturity at 3 inches. They use their hard beaks to crush small invertebrates and are one of the most commonly seen puffers in shallow water.

So why the title? Randomness refers to my way of selecting pictures for the blog. I typically click on a folder and do a quick scan for something pretty and into the blog it goes! I'll snap some 500-600 pictures on a typical photo safari (wherever I happen to be). Some of that has to do with making sure that I get some good pictures where there is good subject matter. Nonetheless, it means I have a huge number of pictures sitting on the hard drive that you get little glimpses of in a somewhat random fashion. Hence the title.

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MartininBroda said...

So you are circling your finger on your photos as someone makes it with certain books and when you’ve pointed maybe we see a ugly big fish, hm I have to think about this.