Tuesday, February 03, 2009

All in the Details

Sometimes the effect you get when you take a picture is not the one the "artist" (aka photographer) intended. In this case, a picture of a jogger and his dog captured a fellow looking on (see enlargement), apparently at the dog. He had the oddest expression, perhaps of disgust? Interest perhaps? Either way, the dog is looking the other way.

This fellow, while dressed fairly nicely and with bottle of coke in hand, was walking along the trail digging through the trash (Perhaps where the coke came from). That leads to all sorts of odd sundry questions such as: Is he homeless? Is he mentally insane (schizophrenic perhaps?)? Is he just one of the new unlucky jobless who ended up on the street? Is he safe to be around? Would you have the guts to befriend this guy and buy him a burger or find him a shelter? Or...would you stay far away for fear of getting mugged? So many questions. So many that fall through the cracks in our society or that don't fit neatly into the mesh we call civilization. Some say, "but for the grace of God." Others, that we are all just one unlucky incident away from that same existence. Still others prefer to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the whole thing altogether. Thoughts?

Ironically, the abandoned cats that are living on the far end of the jogging path are getting food and water daily. Occasionally, they are trapped and put up for adoption. Do we care more for our cats than for our homeless?

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MartininBroda said...

He has a great compassionate heart, our wayward Hawaiian.