Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lighting and Such

Blc. Momilani Rainbow. This one has a sweet, delicate fragrance. It's hard to capture the real color which is a soft art tone that is closest to a yellow-watermelon blend. This was done with front lighting via a flash.

I was experimenting with my ring light to attempt to take pictures of some really small flowers like the ones in yesterday's posting only smaller. The problem was two-fold:
1) I had the wrong lens adaptor for the ring light
2) the macro lens still had a minimum focal distance of about 6 inches
3) Some of the flowers were around 1 mm in size

I had hoped to capture some of the beauty of the 1 mm flowers and I did to some degree but I'm thinking I need a different lens or adaptor to get up within about an inch of the flowers to capture the detail. Looks like a good science project.

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MartininBroda said...

You know, I try to comment not so much, but I thought already yesterday what a talent you have, to find beauty in the smallest things. So no worrying about the quality of your photos, they are showing a lot.