Saturday, January 19, 2013

Renanthera Kalsom 'Red Dragon'

Renanthera Kalsom 'Red Dragon'. These grow into nice bushy plants about 3-5 ft tall and put forth bushels of flowers in you have the sun, humidity and space for them. The latest generation of Renanthera hybrids are a little bushier and shorter than the old Queen Emma types that would grow 30 ft. up a tree like a vine. Admittedly, those old hybrids were amazingly beautiful but a little tough to appreciate when they are blooming 20 ft. up in the air. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did indeed get one of these although San Diego is not ideal habitat, given our low humidity and cooler Winters.


Hanny said...

That is gorgeous!

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

I truly wish you could have seen it in person with a huge spray of about 60 of these deep red, velvety flowers bobbing lightly in the gentle Hawaiian tradewinds!