Thursday, January 24, 2013

Picking the View Side of the Plane to Oahu

Aerial shot Maui (foreground) and Hawaii (background) on a cloudy day. When flying to Hawaii, the direction of approach will vary somewhat depending on the direction of the wind and where you are coming from. However, most of the time, whether coming into Hawaii from Northern or Southern California, the planes will fly in toward Oahu from the Southeast. Thus, the left side of the plane will view Maui and the island of Hawaii first and then fly over the low planes and hills of Molokai before approaching Oahu over Pearl Harbor and landing on the reef runway. Depending on the winds, sometimes the plane will loop out over the ocean and fly over Hanauma bay, Koko Head and Waikiki approaching in the opposite direction. However, the majority of the time, when flying to Oahu, the left side windows are your best bet. When leaving, chose the opposite. Nothing, of course, is guaranteed.

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