Monday, January 21, 2013

Hare Brained Idea?

The Black-tailed Jack Rabbit, Lepus californicus, is a true Hare, bearing it's young fully formed, with eyes wide open, and without a nest. Cottontails, on the otherhand, build nests for their young, who are born with their eyes shut. The Black-tailed Jack Rabbit is typically a low-land rabbit, favoring flat open areas and valleys. These rabbits bear several litters per year with up to 8 kits (baby rabbits) per litter.
These two rabbits appeared to be a pair, one keeping watch while the other attempted to hide under a bush. Rabbits are preyed upon by all sorts of predators including coyotes, owls and hawks. They typically rely on their speed (they can outrun a dog), thick brush and the pervasive cholla cactus as cover to escape from predators.

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