Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wonderful, Kind People in the World

I was shopping at City Mill when I mentioned to the nice lady at the counter that my Mom was in the hospital with pneumonia. Out of nowhere, she mentions that she has a few four leaf clovers that she says have done amazing things in the past (think cure cancer). Now, I am a little skeptical, but I was totally touched that she went all the way out to her car to get her purse from which she pulled out a little four leaf clover pressed in waxed paper. She wrote some kind words and a little prayer on the piece of paper the clover was pressed in and asked me to get it to my Mom. I brought it to Mom today and low and behold, the hospital said Mom was good to go with a little time to spare before Christmas eve. That's about the best Christmas present ever. Did the clover do it? You decide. ;-P

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Hanny said...

Great story. It's wonderful to hear things like this when the news likes to make money with life's ugly side. That's why I love your blog: it's all the pretty things.