Thursday, December 27, 2012

The O'io or Short Jawed Bonefish

The o'io or Short Jaw Bonefish, Albula glossodonta, is typically found in shallow reef flats and sandy bays through 100 ft. I've generally seen this fish traveling in small schools of around 20 or fewer individuals. They are smart, inquisitive fish, often circling the diver for closer inspection (in protected areas). They are capable of great speed and put up quite a fight if caught on rod and tackle.

This particular fish was part of a school of 2-3 ft. long fishes that was circling me as I spun counter-clockwise on an axis with my little underwater-cased canon at minimum zoom snapping pictures of them as they passed by around 1-3 feet from the camera. It's quite a trip, especially once you've figured out how to pivot in skin diving gear. I'm sure it made a nice show from the breakwater above. I had both knees bent, one flipper out in mid-air, the other keeping me spinning...I'm not sure if I could explain how to do it if I tried. LOL. You'll just have to try it yourself!

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