Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hooked Mallard, the Hazards of Monofilament Fish Line

Mallard, apparently hooked on some monofilament. This mallard has apparently ingested a fish line, probably with a hook at the other end. It's possible that he went after someone's bait but equally likely that some shiny fishing lure or fake worm remained on the river bottom, tempting this poor Mallard into what will probably be a death sentence, if it is not removed. Ironically, I did not notice the monofilament until I looked at the picture on the computer some days later.


Hanny said...

I hate to see this kind of thing. I love animals and it kills me to see them suffer at all.

I've been enjoying your blog quite a bit since I started following it.


The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Thanks Hanny. It's always encouraging to know that people are actually reading my blog. My animal leanings are probably pretty clear. ;-)