Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going dark for a day...

My Aunt passed away today. That makes four people I knew in the last year. She was the youngest and perhaps the feistiest of eleven children. She was a nurse and a contant caretaker for others in her life. I will always remember her as the one that bought Christmas presents for all of the nieces and nephews (and there were a lot of us) and then recruited us to help wrap them. She was the one that urged her other sisters to visit her elder sister, even though her sister was no longer able to tell that any of them were present. She was the one that helped clean and care for older friends. She seemed unstoppable. Even though she checked herself into a hospice, it seemed as if her strength of will would perservere and they would, at some point, have to evict her for living too long. However, sometimes, appearances are deceiving. Eventually, perhaps all too soon, death comes for even the most feisty of us, having sucked the marrow from the very bones until there was no more life to give and burned the flame so bright it hurt. May she rest in peace. Rest in peace.

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