Monday, January 04, 2010

What Did You Do on 01/01/2010?

Old Biplane flying over Imperial Beach. This fellow was up flying around in a vintage biplane. Looks like fun although, from the looks of him, it's pretty nippy up there. There were actually several biplanes up in the air taking off from the Military helicopter airbase. Apparently, they support more than just helicopters.

I, on the other hand, was walking down below in the nature preserve, hoping to burn off some of those holiday calories by hiking and carrying a big, heavy camera and lens. There were some burrowing ground owls and the usual contingent of ducks and waterfowl. The biplanes were a bonus treat (and much easier to photograph than the birds).

The funny thing about the burrowing ground owls is that they are actually on the military airbase in the grass along the access road. The military has little signs that say owl below, no pesticides, it's easy to spot the burrows. They are, however, far enough away and small enough that it is hard to tell if you've really seen an owl or not! Of course, it is fenced in as well. So, I snapped a few pictures of the sign and the grass below it, thinking I'd just get empty grass and t he own signpost. Low and behold, when I looked at the pictures, there was a tiny owl in the pictures staring right out at me from the grass. The wonders of digital photography. Maybe grainy burrowing owl pictures tomorrow.

What did you do on New Years day?

Trivia: the 2nd was a pallindrome (same backwards as forward) - 01022010

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