Sunday, January 03, 2010

Oh Don't You Wish You Were in Hawaii?

Hanging out in the shade of the coconut palms on Sunset Beach. Not everyone was watching the waves. Some people were just enjoying the mostly empty beach outside of a cluster of people watching the surfers by the parking lot.

Yes, I wish I was still in Hawaii too. Although, it's nice to get back to the wonderdog who missed us horribly. Still, I will miss the family time, the beautiful beaches and the snorkling for photos.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get things ready for next semester. School starts in a week so one more week to clean up all the school stuff scattered around the bedroom from last semester, get the bills all paid, clean the house, water the plants, sort through the piled up mail, buy books and start reading for next semester's classes. Sadly, they've already assigned homework. However, the bookstore has been closed until the 4th so this one last weekend (now one last day), at least, is still play time.


MartininBroda said...

I hope you could made some good use from your playtime and I hope too the coming time will not be too exhausting. :-)

compost in my shoe said...

I so wish I was in Hawaii. The weather outside is frightful!!!

Clint said...

I do so wish I were in Hawai'i. I'd give several limbs to be there right now. And really, I've been quietly following this site ever since I found it after spending a week at Mele Kohola last summer, and I can't begin to guess why you're not there right now. The notion that someone would have a place like that and yet be in San Diego escapes me.

But alas, we all follow our own paths, which is why you're in San Diego and I'm currently sitting in a snow storm in Chicago. I loved your little patch of paradise, and I enjoy your photos, and I wish you the best in the year to come.

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Thanks Clint! Ah, why I'm not living in that lovely little house by the sea... Here's the honest truth: 1) If I lived in it, I couldn't afford it. People staying in it allow me to pay the mortgage; 2) I go to work by day and law school by night. Law school restricts when I can leave town to holidays and breaks and uses up my vacation time studying for finals. However, if I ever figure out how to either get a decent job in Hawaii or sock away enough to retire, I may just be sitting on that little porch along the sea typing my blog! Thanks for the comment; keep them coming!

Clint said...

I guess the sad thing about Hawaii is that it can be such an expensive place to live, and jobs there are such hard things to come by. I'd love to pull up right now and go, maybe buy me some little patch of land in a subdivision somewhere up the mountain, but there's that whole eating thing I have to worry about. So now it's a retirement dream ... which is funny, as I'd always kind of assumed Hawaii was just a slightly fancier version of Florida, and that it wouldn't do much for me. That'll teach me to make assumptions.

It strikes me that as long as the economy doesn't collapse into complete medieval shambles, though, you at least have something to look forward to, if that's how you choose to go. Have other people help pay off your retirement destination. Beautiful. :-)

You mentioned in a comment on my site that you might want to use a photo I took on your patio. Feel free to use any of my pictures you wish ... just let me know if you need me to email you the original files. I'm glad you liked them. And thanks, again, for opening your home. I can't really express how much Robin and I both needed that little hint of paradise last year.

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

It's kind of funny. Sharene told me about those two dolphins she put in the garden but I have yet to see them in person. I've also been meaning to pop in with a ladder and tie some orchids up on the trees just for fun but perhaps once I'm done with school. If you want to stay again sometime, holler and I'll ask them to give you a discount.