Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In the Bait Ball

Huge school of Nehu, Waikiki, Hawaii. I've heard of huge bait balls, giant swarms of fish. However, I've never been in one. This one was perhaps a measly hundreds or even a thousand fish but being in the middle of it is an amazing and beautiful experience nonetheless.


Birdie said...

I'm two classes and two dives away from earning my diving license. I hope someday to be able to take a shot like this. Very cool. Scuba or snorkel?

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

No scuba required. I snapped this shot in about 4 feet of water. Amazing experience and, if you get water in your snorkel, you stand up! Don't get me wrong, SCUBA is a blast but it's hard to beat a quick trip to the local beach for good, cheap fun. Plus the shots are easier since you can use real daylight. If you get down deeper, it helps to have a good photo rig with lights.