Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Poppy Experiment

California Poppies, Escholzia californica, the poppy patch. I bought a bag of California Poppy seeds from Home Depot in March and tossed the seeds on the hillside as kind of a science experiment to see if they would all grow. Well, grow they did. There are poppies all over the hillside managing to sprout through the branches and bramble. They are growing, thriving and blooming in spite of the lack of rain. Of course, they are a California native. That's also probably why they are known for being pioneer plants after a fire in California (similar to fireweed in other areas of the country). They're tough, they bloom like little banshees and put on quite a show.

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MartininBroda said...

What a great idea to expand your garden in that way and what a lovely result.