Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pilgrim Geese

Pilgrim Geese, Anser hybrid. Pilgrim geese are so named because they supposedly were brought over from England by the Pilgrims. They are unique in that females are grey (shown) and the males are white. They are pretty big birds, nearly as tall as the lady who was feeding them. A little girl was chasing around one of the large white males who was equally as big as she was. Her Mom was hollering at her to stop chasing the geese. Suddenly, that big old goose stopped running, turned around and gave her a peck on the chest. I doubt that it hurt much, given that she was wearing a sweatshirt but it certainly cured her of her goose chasing habits. It seemed rather rude of her to be chasing the geese that the other lady was so carefully feeding anyhow. Some kids have no manners whatsoever. Maybe she learned something out of the event. If nothing else, she figured out that geese bite, particularly when aggravated!

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