Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've Got the Bernardino Blues

San Bernardino Blue Butterfly, Euphilotes bernardino bernardino, Santa Rosa Plateau. There are a fair number of species of totally adorable, tiny, blue butterflies in Southern California. ID'ing them is a little messy for the novice, myself included. Luckily for me, Dennis Walker very kindly ID'd this little butterfly as a Bernardino Blue! I found it flitting around the grassy fields up near the Santa Rosa Plateau. I've seen Acmon Blues south in Mission Park Trails. If you do a search for my prior post, you'll see that the Acmon Blue and the Bernardino Blue are definitely different but you'll also see that it takes a good close look to identify the differences. Thank goodness for cameras freezing the details!

Meanwhile, I the myriad people jogging by, riding horses and zipping by on bicycles were just plain missing out on all the really cool wildlife they would see if only they slowed down and spent the time to look. LIFE is like that, though, isn't it? Something about slowing down to occasionally smell the roses (or see the butterflies) lest you find that life has passed you by and the roses had long since wilted.

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MartininBroda said...

Our philosophical Hawaiian is completely right with his last remark; wish you a blessed and nice Pentecost.