Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Anahulu River and the Dole Plantation

American Anole on Bromeliad, hunting for ants.  The Bromeliad was about five feet tall, part of the beautiful gardens at the Dole Plantation.

Canoe team out practicing.  There were three canoes going up and down the river, dodging the crowd of paddleboarders and canoes.

Hawaiian Duck coming out of the water to beg for food.

Mongoose checking me out.  It walked past two cats and neither budged.  In fact, they gave no sign of seeing that mongoose, not even a head turn or a flick of a tail!  I suspect that they are old acqaintances...

Paddleboarding families on the Anahulu River.  One Mom chose to keep her kid up close on the kayak but the other let her kid get up on the paddle board with Dad! 

Green sea turtle coming up for air.  They stayed close to the top of the water, except when the paddleboarders got a little too close, making it easy to have your camera ready when they popped their heads up to breathe.  It seemed like there were four or five green sea turtles in the mouth of the Anahulu river, making for a nice turtle viewing spot for the passing paddle boarders, kayakers and for the people along the shore.

Two green sea turtles up for air at the same time!  Could it be that there were even more than four or five of these in that little patch of water?  I don't know why they are there; perhaps to eat algae or leaves/vegetation off of low lying trees.

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