Sunday, December 07, 2014

SoNo Fest and Chili Cook-off

The  SoNo Fest and Chili Cook-off could not have chosen nicer weather for their chili-loving fans.  Thorn Street was a mass of people trying out just about every sort of chili you could imagine.  Some of them were really amazing including my favorite, the entry from Soda and Swine made of short ribs, milk stout, guajillo peppers and 70% dark chocolate chili!  There were vegan entries, chicken entries, a kahlua pig-Hawaiian entry, a shrimp chili, a prime rib chili, a short rib chili, a venison chili, a green chili chicken version from Urban Solace (my #2 choice.  yum!) and more other varieties than you could imagine.

Of course, this being North Park, the pets were out in force, also enjoying the fine weather and festive mood.  $20 got you a hand made ceramic sampler bowl from the local pottery school/shop and a wrist band which allowed you to go up and down the booths sampling chili until you pretty much rolled out of there.  I truly doubt that anyone left there hungry and it was a great way to survey some of the local restaurants, most of whom had booths on the street and their own variety of chili.

A huge turnout of hungry patrons.

One happy dog, keeping a keen eye on her human's chili!

The Grinch rocking out the North Park crowd

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