Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The reflecting pond outside the Queena Plaza Hotel

The reflecting pond outside the Queena. They had a large, formal but playful garden, complete with waterfall outside of the restaurant (behind the darkened glass).  It was quiet and peaceful strolling through the garden, with a gentle breeze caressing my hair and the rush of the water coursing down the two story waterfall, aptly drowning out the sounds of the city .  They had all sorts of fanciful cement animals tactfully scattered around the lawn (monkeys, elephants, frogs, etc.).  Most were pond-ready, each having a little spout in its mouth to hook up to a pump.  There was only one other person in the garden, a well dressed elderly lady in a white polka-dot blouse, neat purple vest, pressed black pants, with the prerequisite jade bangle and silver watch and conservative grey socks.   She had carefully placed her creased leather shoes, side by side, in front of her as if they were old friends.  She seemed to be doing some sort of calisthenics or perhaps a version of tai chi.  She was ever so gently bent over at the hip, bouncing slightly to stretch her aging back muscles, hands facing palm downward, as if caressing the earth.  It looked a bit uncomfortable to my Western sensibilities but, as I grow older, I am all too aware of the copious benefits of regular stretching (and the nagging aches associated with not doing so) so I could relate.  That's all for tonight, gentle readers.  Go in peace.

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