Friday, March 07, 2014

Taiwan International Orchid Show Opening Ceremonies

Dancers at the Taiwan International Orchid Show Opening Ceremony started off the festivities before a series of speeches from a variety of orchid society and government officials.  Unfortunately for many of the out of country visitors, most of the speeches were in Mandarin, provided without translation.


Hanny said...

The visuals must've still been worth it!

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

One of the more fascinating things was where, when one of the officials would say "how" (meaning good in Mandarin) in a deep, commanding tone, there was a little squad of gals on the sidelines that would, in unison, repeat it, "how." You would have to be there to experience it. I can't think of any Western equivalent...clapping is probably the closest thing. I also suspect that they were part of his immediate group (maybe employees?). Again,fascinating.