Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Trusty Ukulele

This post is for Hanny. I bought this hand made tenor a long, long time ago in Hawaii. It was apparently made by Joseph N. Souza III, rather than his quite famous luthier dad, under the Kau Wela brand name. It sounds better than any other tenor I've had a chance to play, including the Martin tenor...not that I would necessarily know. Joe Souza III is apparently a fireman with Ladder 17 for the Honolulu Fire Department; however, he appears to have also learned to make a real nice Uke from his Dad.


Hanny said...

That is so beautiful! Let me pick my jaw up off the floor:)

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Thanks Hanny and much thanks to Joe Souza III, for selling me such a nice uke!