Sunday, February 10, 2013

Iceland Poppy Up Close and Personal

I love Iceland Poppies! They are always so brilliant and loud in seemingly flourescent shades of yellow, orange and peach and yet so fragile that the wind sends their petals fluttering down the street. Do you suppose the same thing is true of people? Hmm...? When I plant them, however, they typically last a flower or two and then slowly wither a way. Overwatering perhaps? Or maybe they just don't like the sprinkler system blasting them. Now there's a thought. Anyhow, hope you are all enjoying the new lunar year and that it is bringing you happiness, good health and bounty wherever you may be. If you're into awesome snacks, there's probably still time to head down to the local Chinese Grocery store to find some awesome seasonal snacks but you best hurry!

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