Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leopard on the Loose

Leopard Gecko, Eublepharis macularius, Reptile World. Leopard Geckos are native to North India, the deserts of Pakistan, Vietnam, parts of Iran and Afghanistan where they may be nocturnal. They apparently make good pets, living on a diet of crickets, meal worms and even baby mice and are one of the most common pets in the reptile industry. Their scientific/latin name Eublepharis means true (eu) eyelids (blephar), distinguishing this subfamily of geckos from other geckos.

This particular gecko was tracking my finger avidly back and forth as I wagged it across the glass. He did this until the pet shop lady fed him a tiny mouse after which, on a full stomach, he lost all interest in my finger (perhaps thankfully).

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