Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Creepy Crawlies Can Be Pretty Too?

Spider burrow. Mission trails park. There were three of these right next to each other. No sign of the spider. Perhaps if some bug popped in. In any case, the webs were coated with dew from the recent misty, rainy nights we've been having and I thought it was rather pretty if a bit prickly for passing bugs. Whatcha think? Jeebies or awe and wonder? Both?


Birdie said...

Heebie jeebies. Any spider indoors is arachnopaste in seconds. Outdoors, live and let live.

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Do you suppose do unto others... holds for spiders? Nah, I squish them too. Too much trouble to catch them and toss them out the door and they just come back in anyhow.