Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Okay, pop quiz time. Who remembers the names of the characters in "Finding Nemo?" Let's say: Nemo's Dad, His Mom, and the blue tang/girl-fish-friend?

When I went by the Percula clownfish, I could hear all the little kids saying, "NEMO!!!" in excited tones. That movie was a while ago and they still remember! It must have made quite the impression. In fact, I halfway expect them to change the name to Amphiprion nemoensis (aka, the Nemo-clown)! How's that for snotty scientific humor? Did they know, when they made the movie, that they would be stigmatizing an entire species for the next 10 years? Hahah!

Yes, yes, it was a NICE movie. Really cute...and, yes, I did go and I enjoyed it. There! I've said it! Hahah! Okay, here are the nemo trivia answers: Dad: Marlin; Mom: Coral; Girlfishfriend: Dory...and the bird (albatross?) was named Nigel!

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Jen said...

Oh if you hadn't put the answers up I would have got 100%.... the movie is still very much alive and well in my house, my 2 year old is OBSESSED with it, watches it at least once a day, that and shark tale with will smith, check out my blog for the "nemo" and "Dory cakes I made for his birthday... yes I watched ace of cakes a little too much ;)

Oh yeah, and the tank gang was gill, bloat, peaches, jauque, and Flo... soo, I ROCK at nemo trivia!