Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wet Your Thistle?

Thistle with bumblebee. They didn't have bumblebees in Hawaii, just these big black bees (queen was orange) called carpenter bees. Thus, the first time I saw a striped bumblebee on the mainland it was quite a treat. I dare say it still is. This one was busy pollinating this noxious but beautiful thistle.


Jen said...

Very cool to get such a good shot of the bee,
and even cooler for me that they don't have then in Hawaii.... no bees and no snakes.... I can't wait to get there!!!!

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Sorry Jen, they have bees in Hawaii too. Just no cute, furry little bumblebees. No snakes though. Well...there is this tiny, blind underground snake but you'll probably never bump into it. I've only seen one once many years ago when we were digging in grandma's garden.