Sunday, May 18, 2008

Avoiding the Heat

The weather's turning hot. It was over 100F in some areas today. Many people head to the ocean to bask in the cool ocean breeze rather than suffer in the heat or suffer the electric bill. This fisherman was enjoying the breezes at San Diego Bay. I ended up at the movie theater, partly for the air conditioning, and when things cooled off a tad, fixed the sprinkler manifold. I called a sprinker company a few weeks ago and they wanted $75 just to look at it. Highway robbery for something I could have easily described over the phone. So, I ran over to Home Depot with the old manifold in hand and spent the afternoon with glue and pipe cutters in hand. If all goes well, the sprinkler system will be working again tomorrow. Over all, a reasonably productive day.

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Oh just Ehu. said...

From the looks of things today, it seems like this post was sooooo long ago.