Sunday, March 22, 2015

Taiwan International Orchid Show

Pictures of some of my favorite orchids from the Taiwan Orchid Show!

 Calanthe sieboldii 'Tydares #64'

Dendrobium x usitae 'H5'

Enc cordigera variety alba 'W#1'

Paph Wossner Black Wings 'Arcolotus'

Paphiopedilum Mem Joe Loss 'Kuo Jang #6'

Phal (Sogo Genki x Tying Shin Red Emperor) 'Shine'

Phal (Sogo Genki X Yu Pin Fireworks) 'Snow Dance'

Phal (Tying Shin New View x Tying Shin Golden Staff)

Phal Dragon Tree Marks 'Golden Peacock' LS350

Phal Mituo Diamond 'Mituo #5'

Phal Tai Lin Fire Agate 'V873'

Phal Tying Shin Smart 'V904'

Phal schilleriana 'JM-Sakura King'

Rlc Orglade's Taffeta - C Madelaine Knowlton 'Yen'

Rlc Paradise Ruby 'Red'

Rtn Young Min Orange 'Jin Maan Yin'

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