Saturday, December 07, 2013

San Diego Pottery Tour

There are some awesome finds at the San Diego Pottery Tour including a broad variety of work, from artistic to functional and from playful to formal, by many of San Diego's best potters and ceramic artists.  Here are just a few of the cool ceramic works that I really liked.  The tour provides an opportunity to see local artists studios as well as some of their finest work at reasonable prices, just in time for the holidays.  You can find out more about the San Diego Pottery Tour at:

 Ceramic Bowl with Stone Finish by Pierre Bounaud

 Serving tray with leaf pattern by Pierre Bounaud

  Serving tray with geometric pattern by Pierre Bounaud

 Friendly DragonFly by Hasuyo Miller

Pitcher by Hasuyo Miller


MartininBroda said...

lovely looking indeed!

The Wayward Hawaiian said...

Wish you were here!