Thursday, September 05, 2013

Chinese Moon Festival and Mooncakes

Mooncakes (Lotus seed with double yolks!).  Mooncakes (yuè bĭng) are a traditional Asian treat for the Asian Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival, a.k.a, the Moon Festival.  The Moon Festival is one the 15th day of the eighth month in the Asian Lunar Calendar which coincides with the full moon.  This typically translates into somewhere between mid-September and early October.  This year, the Moon Festival is on September 19th.  The moon cakes are typically only made just prior to the moon festival and, along with a host of other treats such as candied fruits and vegetables and sweet nut bars, are eaten to celebrate the festival (and traditionally, the fall harvest).  It was also a time for the children to visit and honor their parents and grandparents, sometimes by pouring tea for the elders.  In today's non-agrarian society, the festival remains an Asian holiday and, for the rest of us, an opportunity to enjoy some of the seasonal treats and a nice excuse for a little celebration.

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